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yep i'm finally getting around tho this one.
seen the  film 2 weeks ago now  but  parts of it are still so fresh  in my mind

for any one who perhaps hasn't seen it yet ,  possible spoilers follow 

now im going to start by  getting the  things that irritated me about this film out of the way first so we can focus on the good stuff. 

the CGI  looked weird in places,  granted it was better than JP3  but   was still kind of off.
the indominous Rex  was just a whopping load of   OP god modding bull shit  
also its over all design was bland as all hell  if you could make a dinosaur to be ANYTHING  you could have made it  more  interesting.   the way its teeth were aligned looked weird to me as too,   come tho think of it the raptors also have weirdly alinged teeth in this one. 

ok  gripes out of the way now   what  did I enjoy about this  film?

the soundtrack was masterfully done  the park its self looked amazing.
all the little Easter eggs and nods to the previous films were fantastic and  hit all the right notes for  nostalgia.
from the music , props like  Malcolm's book  even the revisit to the ruins of the original park, the jeep and yes   bringing Rex back and her roll in the final battle.   it was fantastic!.

and whilst the dilophosarus didn't appear in the  flesh we got a nice nod to it   in the form of hologram.

when the previews first starting  airing I thought I was really going to hate Clare  but  she ened up being one of the most likable characters in the film , Owen  was  well done to I loved the use of the clicker    during the training session with the raptors , they get treated like  real  and intelligent animals here  where in the past  the  reptors  had always been shown as  little more than hunger driven monsters  out for human flesh so its refreshing to see them in a different light here, as animals that can think and comprehend not  just as   creatures driven only by  instinct. 

the pacing of the film is a little slow in some  areas but  makes up for it in others. 
theres quite a bit of on screen gore in this one  but  some how  it dose not  have  much of an impact.
graphic  yes , scary or shocking no.

the first movie have some  fantastic  horrific deaths   in it that are still very memroable.
here it just felt like  "ok lets make the Indominous eat some people because its jurassic park  we always have to   have some people getting eaten by the dinosaurs ... its tradition!"  

not that that's inherently a bad thing  but a little more effort could have been spared   there. 

over all this is still   the best of the follow up  films to the original. 
the I rex was a bit of a let down   but  thats something I can over look in favor of everything else this film has done right.

defiantly one of the better films ive seen in a really long time now.
and   well worth the   20 + years wait for it to finally   have come out. 
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a little about me

small time reptile breeder on the south east coast of Australia.
working with a number of pythons.

as well as reptiles I have experience with several areas in the pet trade including birds and fish , I used to assist with a pet store for a number of years prior to moving to the coast

now days I'm just a privet breeder of pythons

I also do digital drawings and custom my little ponies
as well as ponies I have a few other fandoms

I don't like to spend all my time in one fandom'
so some of my other interests are

*Nightmare on elm street. (NOT THE 2010 REMAKE!)
*the Evil Dead ( yes I do like the remake for this as well as the trilogy from the 80s)
*the THING,
* fright night
*childs play
* well MOST horror movies really
* pokemon , but only up until diamond & pearl
* old school Nintendo , particularly the N64
(legend of Zelda , banjo-kazooie)
*Creatures ( its this old PC game from a UK company)
*some anime including Hellsing, the Slayers , soul eater

well that about covers it.

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